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How to Discover, Outline, & Plan Your Book Like a Pro (FREE COURSE)

The Discover, Outline, & Plan Your Book Like a Pro free course will walk you through everything you need in order to discover what your book can be about, outline it from start to finish, and set up a plan to get it written.

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How to Uncover & Outline Your First Online Course (FREE COURSE)

How to Uncover & Outline Your First Online Course will walk you through every step you need to take to outline your first course from start to finish. Course creation pairs perfectly with writing books because they’re practically interchangeable.

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The Book To Impact Signature Program

Book to Impact is my signature program that will walk you through how to outline and write your book(s), publish it (while getting it to #1), monetize it, and begin your author career. If you’re looking to build a career as an author, this is the course for you!

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The Online Course Creation From A-Z Course

This is your next step if you are looking for a step by step guide on how to build a successful course creation business. It can be alongside your author career or on its own. Either way, I take you through exactly how I went from $0 to multiple six figures in under 18 months. 

option five

The How to Self Publish From A-Z Course

Do you have a book written and edited and just need to know how to self publish it? Are you looking to get an Amazon best seller badge while you’re at it? If so, jump into how to self publish from a-z and get your book into the world!

option six

The Creating Captivating Guides & E-Books Course

This course includes beautiful templates you can use immediately as well as a training on writing captivating copy for your guides and e-books!

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The Journal Creation & Publishing Course

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