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Choosing Joy Through Trauma

Trauma is no joke. The effect trauma has on the brain is wildly powerful and the earlier the trauma happened in your life, the more dramatically different your brain developed. No one was ever supposed to go through horrible things but we live in a broken world with broken people and sadly, terrible things happen every day. 

When someone goes through childhood horrors it can feel like a crushing weight is pressing on them, even into adulthood. To anyone reading this who has gone through trauma, I think you are among the bravest people on the planet.

Your refusal to give up is inspiring and I see you.

There are many types of people who have gone through trauma but I’m going to focus on two types right now. The first is justifiably angry and feels like the world owes them for what happened to them. They blame everyone for their circumstances and refuse to believe that better days are coming. That kind of person has every right to feel that way and I was that person for a long time. 

The second type of person I want to talk about is inspiring. They are the kind of person who has gone through hell and even in the midst of that, looks for the bright side. They look for a way to have hope, they refuse to be consumed by the darkness, and they use their trauma as a way to reach back and help others through theirs. These people ~ they’re my people. These are the ones you’d never know had gone through such horrific things because they radiate joy. The rest of the world looks at these people and wonders how in the world they’re still standing. 

It’s completely your choice which one of these you choose to be. You’ll get no judgement from me. I’ve been both of these people and I can tell you from experience that the second type is a LOT more fun. I would much rather radiate joy than negativity. I would rather inspire others than drain them. If you are in the second category we should link arms and change the world together. It’s time for an infusion of positivity into the world don’t you think?

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Meggan Larson

Meggan Larson

Award Winning & Amazon Best Selling Author, Course Creator, Adoptee, founder of Fly With Me Academy & co-founder of Starfish Stories Publishing Company.

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