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Starting over from nothing is painful. It’s probably one of the worst things I’ve experienced in my life which is saying something considering I’ve gone through stage four cancer and two babies in the NICU.

Starting over was worse…

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There’s a scene in every great novel or movie called the dark night of the soul. This is the moment where the main character questions everything. They question their choices, they question their worth, and they question their ability. I believe that…this is where I’ve been for the last year of my life—especially…

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When I was ten years old I attended a summer camp at a new school. The very first day I became friends with a few girls; most of them were white and another was black. I was thrilled to make new friends on my first day and I remember going back the next day full of excitement.

I ran up to my group of friends and failed to notice the changed vibe. The leader of the group turned to me and said…

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Adoption is complicated. I know that many believe the opposite but often those opinions are formed without ever talking to the person adoption affects the most: The Adoptee.

I never realized how many of the wounds I carried had been inflicted by my adoption. I just assumed that most people had trouble looking others in the eye, or felt like they had to walk on eggshells so they didn’t get abandoned again, or kept everyone at an emotional distance so they wouldn’t get hurt.

It wasn’t until…

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You know those adoption announcements made by adoptive parents celebrating their adoptive child’s homecoming? Most adoptees can’t stand them. It’s hard for an adoptee to watch these parents celebrate this baby coming to live with them when we know the truth.

My precious friend Stacey Gagnon is an adoptive and foster mom and she captured the broken truth of adoption so beautifully in a recent Facebook post that I asked if I could share it and she said yes. So if you’re wondering how it really is and why adoptees dislike it when people celebrate the baby without acknowledging the trauma ~ here you go…

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I am not an adoptee that hates adoption. I love my adoptive family and have always been grateful to be a part of my family. By all accounts, my parents did everything right. They were always honest with me about my adoption, where I came from, and what little they knew. My mom even went so far as to create a bridge for me between her and my biological mother so that I would have at least that connection to my history.

That being said…

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Hi, my name is Meggan, and I’m a transracial adoptee. I picture myself seated in a circle in with other adoptees as I type that.

“Hi Meggan.” They’d respond and then I would share my story of heartache and sorrow to the only group of people who will ever truly understand. The truth is though, that kind of support doesn’t exist for adoptees yet, but it should.

I am half white and half black and back in 1982 that made me undesirable…

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I love being a mom with every fiber of my being. As soon as I found out I was pregnant for the first time I cried actual tears of joy. This is a big deal for someone who never used to show any kind of emotion. I was so excited to be a mom and have someone in my life with my DNA because as a transracial adoptee, I didn’t grow up with anyone who looked like me.

I decided to be a stay at home mom so that I could spend the most amount of time with my kids as possible and when it came time to send my five year old off to kindergarten, I just couldn’t do it and we decided to homeschool. I genuinely love getting to spend every single day with my three kids and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

That being said…

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I’ve been a certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner for many years. The difference it has made in people’s lives has been so transformative that I still pinch myself sometimes that I get to help people in this capacity.

To watch someone go from stuck, depressed, and angry to someone with light in their eyes who has purpose and belief in themselves again, is in a word ~ epic.

My heart is for people’s healing. The pain that trauma causes is so…

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Last week I was a speaker in Waco Texas at probably one of the most beautiful events I’ve ever attended. There was so much healing, so many tears, such joy and camaraderie among these incredible women who came. The thing is though, I almost didn’t go…

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I started therapy exactly a year ago and it wasn’t for any particular reason really, I just figured I’d been through a lot in my life and I could probably use a completely impartial third party to confide in.

I was right…

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2020 was one of the best year’s of my life. Recently I spent some time reflecting on why that was and I realized something profound. In 2020 I wasn’t hustling. I had a newfound freedom after leaving a toxic situation and I felt so light. I followed every idea that I got believing it was from Jesus and I didn’t worry about whether the idea was going to make money or not. I was really just following…

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hi! I'm Meggan!

Welcome to my blog where I write freely about a range of different topics including but not limited to: adoption, mental health, faith, marriage, and now PTSD. I’m an author first and foremost so this blog will get updated as I have the bandwidth!

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I published my first book in 2020 and went on to publish several more books within a year. I write fiction and non fiction and love to help others write and publish books as well.

I was adopted as a baby, have gone through stage four metastatic cancer, and nearly lost my life during my last pregnancy due to placenta percreta. I believe that we go through difficult circumstances so that we can reach back into the fire with buckets of water to help others.

My life ambitions include expanding my non profit organization to provide financial relief to families going through an unexpected medical crisis, building safe haven homes for women and their children escaping domestic violence situations, and learning how to homestead in order to become more self sufficient.



I dropped out of high school in the 11th grade, switched to an alternate school and was valedictorian the following year.


I met my husband on a sort of blind date when I was 15 and have been in love with him ever since (married for nearly 15 years now!).


I’ve always homeschooled my three amazing kids because I genuinely love getting to hang out with them every day.