No one gets left behind on my watch.

I believe that no one should give up on their dreams simply because they don’t understand how to accomplish them. From becoming a best selling author to creating a successful business as an online course creator, your dreams should never be out of your reach.

I had always loved writing, but I didn't believe in myself enough to pursue a career in it. Truthfully, an experience as a child taught me that I was too stupid to learn new skills.

Today, I’m an award winning and Amazon best selling author, I have a successful online course creation business, and am the co-founder of Starfish Stories Publishing.

What I believed was a hindrance because of the cruel words of a parent, turned out to be my superpower. I have a gift of making difficult things easy to understand and I use that gifting to simplify challenging processes so that everyone can do what I do.

I believe that everyone on the planet has a story within them that would inspire the world. My job is to help you write that story so that you can publish it, monetize it, and create a ripple effect of change and empowerment within the world. No one gets left behind on my watch.

Here is what I'm passionate about!


Become an author

Helping people make their author dreams come true either through my courses, book collaborations, consulting, or just plain doing it for them. Anyone can do this.


Solopreneur community

Nurturing a community of women who truly see each other. Who celebrate their wins together and are committed to becoming exactly who they were created to be.


Meggan Larson headshot

Working diligently on my own writing career so I can keep paving the way for my clients coming up behind me. It’s crucial to make sure your own dreams matter too.

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